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Programmable Thermostats
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Families have ever-changing schedules and access to Smart Thermostats from anywhere to control their home.

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Programmable Thermostats

Honeywell Lyric

Comfort. Savings. Life. Perfectly in tune.

You're in. You're out. You're all over the place. What if your thermostat adjusted to your dynamic lifestyle?

Your life doesn't follow a set schedule. So why should your thermostat? You can control the Lyric smart thermostat from anywhere, or let it manage your comfort and savings automatically, so there's no learning curve, no rigid scheduling—just comfort when you're home and energy savings when you're away.

RedLink Thermostat RedLink Wireless Technology

Connect your World. Connect your Life.

Honeywell’s exclusive RedLINK Wireless Technology helps you better meet your comfort needs and connect you.

With RedLink Wireless Technology you can connect all your home accessories. You can connect EConnect, Prestige IAQ, Wireless Zoning System, Wireless TrueSTEAM, Wireless FocusPRO Systems, Vision Pro and more from Honeywell. Make your home a happy home and get connected today.

White-Rodgers Products

Control Your Life. Control Your Future.

Be more comfortable with Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat and White-Rodgers Products.

With over 75 years of expertise in Heating and Cooling Controls, White-Rodgers is proud to offer a full line of furnace controls, gas valves, cooling and heat pump controls, water heater valves and controls as well as our leading edge thermostats. White Rodgers may just be the perfect thing for you right now.

Why Aries Mechanical?


Family's have ever-changing schedules and vacations typically don't sync with pre-programmed temperature settings, access to your Smart Thermostat from anywhere gives you complete control—all you need is an Internet connection.


Family's comfort and safety are always top priorities including those family members who can't make a phone call. Now you can be sure, including your pets are safe and comfortable even when you're away from home.


Did you know that heating and cooling account for over 50% of your home's energy consumption? Cutting back on energy usage puts money back in your pocket. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

Peace of Mind

At work? Out to dinner? On vacation and concerned about extreme weather back home? No worries! Thermostat alerts will notify you of any conerns.

Why Aries Mechanical

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