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Humidification Solutions Newark, Oswego, Yorkville, Plano, Sandwich, IL

The Aries Mechanical team understands the decision to purchase a whole house humidifier takes careful consideration, that’s why we are here to answer any questions you may have. Living a healthy, comfortable lifestyle can be accomplished with one of the following high-quality whole-house humidifiers. Let’s discuss your options today. Call 815-695-5828 to speak with a professional member of our team.

Whole House Humidifiers


Aprilaire 700

Powered to run when your heating and cooling system cycles, the Aprilaire 700 whole-house powered humidifier delivers up to 18 gallons of moisture into the air each day. The systems distribution tray helps ensure that moisture is distributed evenly and the device is backed by a 5-Year Warranty.


Aprilaire 600/500

Aprilaire 600/500 whole-house humidifier delivers up to 17 gallons of moisture into your home each day and allows for easy control of humidity from season-to-season. The systems is backed by a 5-Year Warranty.


Aprilaire 800

The Aprilaire Model 800 Residential Steam Humidifier features truly automatic control, so there's no need to manually control the humidifier - though it can be installed in manual mode, if desired.


Honeywell Advanced Fan-Powered Humidifiers

The versatile design of the Honeywell Advanced and Basic By-PassHumidifers allows for installation in every home, including townhouses and condos where it was once impossible. The Honeywell TrueEASE HE300 says goodbye to waste and improve efficiency by automatically monitoring the dryness in your home, and only running water and air through the system when humidity is needed.

Whole House Dehumidifiers


Honeywell DH90

Honeywell DH90 dehumidification systems remove excess moisture from the air, delivering fresh, filtered air in your home. Unlike portable units, Honeywell whole-house dehumidifiers provide unobtrusive, quiet and efficient operation. This system is perfect for homes up to 3,100 square feet.


Honeywell DH65

Less moisture in your home reduces the strain on your air conditioner. With Honeywell DH65 dehumidification systems, you can remove moisture evenly throughout your entire home or focus on a specific living area. This system is ideal for homes up to 2,600 square feet.


Aprilaire 1700 Series

Aprilaire whole-house dehumidifiers work throughout your entire home. The 1700 series features automatic control, so there’s never a need to manually operate your dehumidifier. There’s no messy tanks to empty or clean and with the 1700 series, the system automatically senses moisture level and maintains optimum humidity level in your home, never too much or too little, and runs only when needed.

Aries Mechanical HVAC Humidification Solutions

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