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Allergy Season is Here!

Ahhh Spring.  The weather is turning.  The grass is growing.  The flowers are blooming. 

Ah…   Ahhh….   Ah Chooo

For a quarter of the population, this is not Spring.  It’s allergy season.  It’s the season of red and itchy eyes, sneezes and runny noses, wheezing, congestion, shortness of breath, headaches, drowsiness, and all around misery.

John L. Kirkwood,...

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Indoor Air Quality

 “Air So Clean You Can Smell The Freshness”

Guardian Air is your answer to Indoor Air and Surface Pollution.  RGF’s Aggressive Advanced Oxidizers travel throughout the room aggressively attacking pollutants.  Guardian Air is today’s most advanced technology for boosting airborne oxidizers, critical to your family’s health.  It removes up to 85% of Gases & Odors and up to 99% of Microbials....

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March Monthly Reminder

St. Patrick's Day is 13 days away. Now is a great time for you to change out your filter.  Aries is proud to offer you $50.00 Off Whole house humidifiers.

Replacing/Changing Furnace Filters

We recommend to our clients to change their furnace filter on a monthly basis depending on the type of filter that is being used in their homes.  According to as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling.  A dirty filter will slow down air flow and make your system work harder to keep warm … wasting energy.  A clean filter will help prevent dust and dirt from building up in your furnace ... leading to expensive repairs...

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