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It may just be your capacitor..

A capacitor is needed to start and support the condenser fan motor and compressor while the air conditioner is operating.

Failure of capacitors is the most common reason for a breakdown in the summer heat.  The electrical components get very hot during their operation.  In combination with the summer heat, such as a rise in temperature causes a capacitor failure.

When your A/C doesn’t operate, the most likely cause will be a capacitor...

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Are you having A/C cooling problems?

Category: General HVAC

The worst thing is walking into your home to cool off after you’ve been outdoors and realize that your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be cooling your home.
When talking to your friends or neighbors about your situation they may tell you that you must be low on refrigerant (Freon).   That might not be the case; there are several reasons why this happens.
We have put together a few steps for you to look into that could fix your problem.  If none of...

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Chicagoland is starting to Heat up!

80 degree weather is upon us.  Take advantage of our A/C saftey inspection and A/C Cleaning.  Stay a head of the game and avoid Air conditioner breakdowns. Give us a call.

Wishing all Mothers a Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!

HVAC Service Agreements

Why We Promote Service Agreements

Service agreements are a break-even proposition for us.  We promote them because they help us stay busy during mild winter and we honestly believe everyone should maintain their heating and air conditioning system.

Empirical utility research shows that the maintenance performed in a service agreement saves homeowners an average of over $30 a month in energy use.  In other words, money you invest in a service agreement is...

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