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Remove Snow and Ice from Pipes, Vents and Meters

Since winter is upon us and we have had some snow.  This is a reminder that snow and ice can build up on your furnace vents, dryer vents, and gas meters causing your appliances to not run properly. 

Homeowners with high-efficiency furnaces normally have 2 white PVC pipes which are called fresh air intake and exhaust vents the exit the home through an exterior wall of the home rather than a chimney.  Water heaters and clothes dryers may have similar vents that exit through the exterior wall of the home. 

After a good snowfall and/or high winds causing drifting, it is very important to walk around your home and “hand remove” all snow that has accumulated up and around these vents which are blocking the air from entering or exiting the pipes.  

Some furnaces will shut off automatically if intakes or exhausts are smothered by snow and ice.  However, for those furnaces that continue to run, carbon monoxide (CO) can build up in the home and can cause a dangerous situation. 

To prevent any dangers of happening it is important to keep all vents clean and free of snow and ice.  Walk the perimeters of your home and check your pipes, vents and meters after each snowfall.  

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