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HVAC Service Agreements

Why We Promote Service Agreements

Service agreements are a break-even proposition for us.  We promote them because they help us stay busy during mild winter and we honestly believe everyone should maintain their heating and air conditioning system.

Empirical utility research shows that the maintenance performed in a service agreement saves homeowners an average of over $30 a month in energy use.  In other words, money you invest in a service agreement is returned to you before the end of the summer.

In addition, service restores an average of 25% lost capacity, improving cooling comfort.  Service agreements also prevent unnecessary, expensive repairs and give you discounted pricing when a repair cannot be avoided.

We promote service agreements because we feel they are in our customers’ best interests.  They are the best bargain in air conditioning.

If you don’t have a service agreement, call us.  We’ll get you started right away.  But hurry.  Summer is coming!

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