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Allergy Season is Here!

Ahhh Spring.  The weather is turning.  The grass is growing.  The flowers are blooming. 

Ah…   Ahhh….   Ah Chooo

For a quarter of the population, this is not Spring.  It’s allergy season.  It’s the season of red and itchy eyes, sneezes and runny noses, wheezing, congestion, shortness of breath, headaches, drowsiness, and all around misery.

John L. Kirkwood, President and CEO of the American Lung Association says, “Keeping the air in your home clean is particularly important for people with asthma or allergies, but the quality of indoor air is something all Americans should be concerned about.”

There are three ways to fight indoor air pollution:

  1. Source Control
  2. Ventilation, and
  3. Air Cleaning.

We can help with each.

Source Control

The starting point for a home indoor air quality strategy is source control.It makes sense.If you can control a pollutant before it becomes airborne, you’re ahead of the game.A few of the source control strategies include maintaining optimum humidity levels, regular cleaning, and regular servicing of combustion appliances, such as furnaces.Unfortunately you cannot always control pollutant sources.

Use your air conditioner to control humidity for the spring and summer months and a duct mounted humidifier in the winter.Get your air conditioner serviced every spring and your furnace serviced every fall.The most economical approach to maintenance is an Aries Mechanical Service Agreement.

After source control comes fresh air ventilation.According to the EPA, the air inside your home is far worse than outside air.Even during allergy season?Possibly.

Fortunately, there is a solution that improves fresh ventilation without the comfort or energy costs.It’s called an energy recovery ventilator (ERV).It exchanges stale, polluted indoor with fresh air and cleans the incoming air.The ERV captures roughly 85% of the heating or cooling energy from the indoor air.Not only can it improve air quality, it can actually reduce utilities in certain circumstances.

Air Cleaning

The third way to fight indoor air pollution is air cleaning.Do not buy the cheap tabletop and gadget air cleaners you hear advertised.They are a waste of money.According to an American Lung Association report, “The reviewed data provide little reason to endorse the use of inexpensive tabletops, appliance-type air cleaners, regardless of the technology they employ.In general, high-efficiency particle collection requires larger filters or electronic air cleaners.”

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